We Invest in People
with Passion

At KAIG Group we see people as more than just an employee – we see them as a family where we together make memories with a Customer-First Culture. This is reflected in our service to go a long way as well as make a contribution to communities.





To enrich lives and communities through sustainable innovation, exceptional services, and transformative solutions, while fostering growth, learning, and harmony across diverse industries.



To be a leading conglomerate, empowering individuals, and transforming spaces, while promoting social, economic, and environmental well-being on a global scale.



We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our interactions, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability.


Meet Our Visionary
Chairman & MD of KAIG Group
Mr. K.A. Mandanna

Welcome to the world of KAIG Group, led by the dynamic Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. K.A. Mandanna. With a visionary mindset, Mr. Mandanna has propelled KAIG Group to new heights, redefining excellence across various sectors.

Mr. Mandanna's leadership embodies a commitment to innovation and sustainability. His brainchild, Utopiaa Farmland, marries sustainable practices with a serene living concept, reflecting his passion for nature and responsible living.

Sudhin Mandanna


    KAIG Group

    A Highly diversified business conglomerate
    Welcome to KAIG Group, a dynamic and highly diversified business conglomerate with a wide array of business verticals. Our company operates across various sectors, including farmland management, real estate, wellness, organic foods, construction, digital marketing, interior designing, and education, among others.
    In Education
    KAIG Group takes pride in its QSKILLS ↗ brand, offering crucial life skills to individual students and educational institutions all over India. UDYOG BHARAT ↗ is an Edu-tech company established in 2020, involved in diversified offline and online professional courses like Digital Marketing, Interior Designing, Campus to Corporate training programme, MS office and a lot more.
    In Real Estate
    BANGALORE REAL ESTATE COMPANY ↗ - Our involvement in Real Estate encompasses development, construction, and farmland management. Additionally, we offer an exclusive membership program called CLUB INDUS ↗, providing unique benefits to our valued customers.
    In Tourism, Recreation and Travel
    UTOPIAA ↗ - Prosperity and Luxury in Bagepalli Discover UTOPIAA, where managed farmland yields profits with Sandalwood, Agarwood, Avocado, and more. Experience A-Frame cottages and state-of-the-art amenities close to Bangalore International Airport and the Isha Foundation.
    ECOPIA ↗ - Coorg's Beauty Meets Leisure ECOPIA harmonizes Coorg's beauty with modern leisure. Explore plantations, workshops, and eco-tourism to deepen your connection with nature.
    NANDI PRIDE ↗ - Serene Villa Plots Build your dream home in the exclusive villa plot community at Nandi Hills, surrounded by nature's beauty and integrated plantations.
    In Farm Management
    GREEN TOUCH ↗ - is a professional farm management company that, by availing itself of all the support provided by the state and central governments for agriculture, can transform your farm into a profitable venture. It is an end-to-end agricultural enterprise company that can leverage the power of your agricultural land for your benefit.
    In Technology
    KALOOT TECHNOLOGIES ↗ – (KAIG TECH ↗) We are continuously exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion. Some of our latest ventures, IT apps under Kaloot Technlogies include UUMPF ↗ - Dating Application, CHILLBEE ↗ - Social Hangout platform for finding & interacting with new people, JUST KODAVAS ↗ & KERALIAM ↗ - social community apps for Kodavas & Kerala community. Other Recently Launched Apps include KANNADA SUDDHI ↗, EDUPOSTING ↗ & QCAMPUS ERP ↗
    METROMINDZ ↗ – is a High-Performing Quality Software Solutions. One of the fastest growing agency which contain a young team of Artistic, Enthusiastic, Driven, and Punctual individuals focused on innovation, creativity and continue to serve globally.
    In Fashion
    BOLD AND BLACK ↗ - is a distinctive fashion brand that specializes in offering a sophisticated and stylish collection of exclusively black clothing for both men and women. With a strong emphasis on embracing the power of black attire, our online store provides a curated selection of versatile and elegant apparel that allows individuals to express their confidence and uniqueness.
    In Interior Design
    DESIGN SCIENCE ↗ - Elevate Interiors Transform your living spaces with DESIGN SCIENCE's tailored interior design solutions, combining functionality and aesthetics for a stunning result.
    In Wellness
    TOTAL HERBS ↗ - In Wellness, we are excited to introduce Total Herbs, a revolutionary line of organic and herbal health supplements, designed to enhance your wellness journey.
    In Corporate Social Responsibility
    LIVE AND LOVE ↗ - As part of our corporate social responsibility, we proudly support the Live & Love Foundation, a non-profit NGO based in Bangalore, dedicated to Afforestation & Reforestation initiatives. At KAIG Group, we are driven by our vision of creating a positive impact on society while maintaining a strong commitment to our customers and stakeholders.



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